Company team event ?️? 18 excellent team building ideas


Floß bauen

There are many occasions for a team event. Either as a kick-off and to bring motivation for a new project. Or to get to know each other when a new employee or a new boss joins the team. Or to celebrate successes and strengthen the sense of community. Teambuilding events are very popular and we deliver 26 fantastic team event ideas for you.

Idea 1: Team building raft

Team raft building is probably the most popular among team building ideas, as it takes place in the fresh air and brings a lot of fun. But it is also a great tool to strengthen team spirit as well as communication. From the start of construction to the raft trip, the group has to pull together. With the provided materials the team has to build a raft. The goal should be to create a floating raft. Extra fun and excitement can be implemented by using races or team challenges.

Tip: Combine this event with a final campfire. It’s a cozy way to end the day together and the employees can continue to exchange ideas and get to know each other.

Participants From 4 to max. 1000 persons
Budget Starting at 60€ per person
Location On site

Escape Room

Idea 2: Teambuilding Escape Room

Escape rooms are becoming increasingly popular, especially as a team event for company employees. In an Escape Game, colleagues solve puzzles and tasks together in a locked room and a time of 60 min. Team spirit, creativity, and good communication are required. The topics can vary within a wide range from murder cases to chemistry lab experiments. This fantastic team event can take place on your company premises or as a virtual experience.

Important: An Escape Room game is suitable for smaller teams. But also larger companies can cut down the participants into smaller groups. And they can compete against each other in different groups. That is the way how you turn the company Christmas party event into a company challenge.

Participants Starting at 10 persons
Budget Starting at 50€ per person
Location Virtual or on site

Teambuilding Riesenkugelbahn bauen

Idea 3: Building a giant ball track as a teambuilding event

This teambuilding event evokes childhood memories. Similar to a marble run, this event also involves building a track. The only difference, this track is much more extensive and for large balls. Employees get divided into teams or groups, and each building team creates a section of track with the provided building materials. The results will get evaluated at the end and the team with the most creative ideas wins. The final goal is for the balls to roll through the track. This requires good communication and cooperation between the groups.

Tip: Depending on the season, weather conditions, or even Corona situation, this event can take place indoors as well as outdoor.

Participants From 30 to max. 500 persons
Budget Starting at 59€ per person
Location On site (outdoor and indoor)

Teambuilding Painting

Idea 4: Teambuilding painting

The participants can let their creativity flow freely at this teambuilding event. A huge canvas, acrylic paints, brushes, rollers, brushes, and many other materials are provided. This activity brings variety to the daily office routine or the home office situation.

Tip: At the end, each employee can take home a section of the overall project, or the canvas can get displayed in the company.

Participants Starting from 10 persons
Budget From 59€ per person
Location On site (outdoor and indoor)

Personalentwicklung im Zirkus

Idea 5: Personnel development in the circus

The circus event belongs to the category of extraordinary teambuilding measures. Get out of the office routine and into another world. You ask yourself how this event can have a positive impact on employee development? With new challenges such as juggling or acrobatics, comparable situations from everyday office life arise. For example, the sense of responsibility can be strengthened. As well as new understanding can be created and change opportunities and growth come up.

Participants Max. 25 to 30 persons
Budget Group price on request
Location On the circus grounds, in the company or a conference hotel

Eimer Workshop als Teambuilding Maßnahme

Idea 6: The bucket event as a teambuilding measure

Do you want to offer your employees a team event with lots of fun and excitement this year? Then try the bucket workshop idea. Also, you can combine it with other teambuilding events. The team has to be active in this and a lot of laughs are guaranteed. Each team member receives a bucket and two wooden sticks. The event leader or conductor sets the rhythm and animates the group.

Participants Max. 50 persons
Budget Starting at 1200€ per group plus additional travel expenses and costs for material
Location On site

Virtueller Kriminalfall lösen

Idea 7: Solve a virtual criminal case

Your goal with this teambuilding event is to strengthen the communication and the team spirit of your employees? Then solving a virtual criminal case is just the right thing for your company. All employees connect via video call and a game leader explains the rules of the game. And then, the interrogation of witnesses and the search for clues can start.

Participants From 10 to max. 200 persons
Budget 45€ per person
Location Virtual

Teambuilding Seifenkiste bauen

Idea 8: Teambuilding soap box

This teambuilding event requires a lot of creativity and team spirit. The participants get rewarded with thrills and lots of fun. Divided into small groups and equipped with flexible construction kits, they can get started. In the team, everyone can contribute with their strengths, whether in the construction or the body design. The results get presented at a car show, which requires a sophisticated marketing concept.

Fun fact: Of course, a soapbox race can also take place at the end. Do not underestimate this teambuilding event, all tasks are not easy and quick to solve. But because of the combination of to-dos, there is a task for every employee.

Participants Starting with 20 persons
Budget 70€ per person
Location Many different locations in Germany

Virtuelles Trommel Teamevent

Idea 9: Virtual drum teamevent

Drumming creates happiness. Therefore, this teambuilding event is perfect to bring your event alive. A moderator gives instructions similar to the bucket event, the whole of course via video conference. Any everyday object can be used as a drum. The sense of togetherness and cohesion gets strengthened during this task. All participants have to coordinate with each other to stay in rhythm.

Important: This teambuilding event is very flexible in terms of group size. From 10 employees up to 1000 employees can participate.

Participants Starting at 10 persons
Budget On request with the event company
Location Virtual


Idea 10: Trampoline park

Do you want to reward your sporty staff for their hard work? Then let’s go to a teambuilding event in a trampoline park. At this event, you can jump, bounce and laugh at will. Trampoline jumping has many positive effects. Of course, the music can’t be missing, but don’t worry! You can leave the entire organization to the staff of the trampoline park.

You set the motto and determine the budget. And in the end, you will receive a ready program, tailored to the company and guests. Depending on the number of employees, you can book only a selected area or the entire trampoline park.

Participants From 6 persons
Budget 30€ per person
Location On site

Schnitzeljagd als Teambuilding Maßnahme

Idea 11: Scavenger hunt as a teambuilding activity

Among all team event ideas, the scavenger hunt has it all. Factors such as games, fun, and excitement are at the top of the list and bring the team closer together. The employees get divided into groups. During the hunt, they will find many different tasks and challenges in the city. The teams receive points for each solved task. In the end, the results get compared and a winner gets chosen.
Tip: This team event is suitable for companies with up to 1000 employees. However, the group size is max. 10 persons. There is a task for every employee, logical thinking, creativity, or athleticism is required.

Participants Max. 1000 persons
Budget 80€ per person
Location In your city

Virtueller Kochkurs als Teamevent

Idea 12: Virtual cooking class as teamevent

For the virtual cooking class, a menu gets selected upfront, the group receives the shopping list and more information about which kitchen utensils are necessary. After the team event participants have bought all the ingredients, the virtual cooking fun can begin. Everything takes place via video conference and under professional guidance.

Tip: A food supplier can also deliver the food baskets to the employees.

Participants Max. 15 persons
Budget From 30€ per person
Location Virtual

Graffiti Art Workshop

Idea 13: Graffiti art teamevent

The Graffiti Workshop is one of the perfect measures to bring artistic variety into the daily office routine. During this event, creativity is needed and the group’s sense of togetherness gets strengthened. The participants first learn about the origins of graffiti. After the theory lesson, the workshop leader hands out painter’s suits, masks, and spray cans. The graffiti gets crafted on a large canvas.

Participants From 10 persons
Budget 80€ per person
Location Virtual or on site

Schafherde von A nach B führen

Idea 14: Leading a flock of sheep from A to B

This event is a project guaranteed to challenge every character – including the management level. The task is to lead 1000 sheep safely from one sheep pasture to the next. No sheep can get lost on the way. The team must pull together and gain the trust of the animals. With the right plan and the necessary energy, this task is doable. A coach is also available to accompany the hike, which lasts several hours.

Tip: After a sheep eventually got lost and then brought back to the flock, the team can learn from their mistakes and come up with a new strategy. Variety and excitement, great learning moments, and a lot to learn for life.

Participants From 20 to max. 50 persons
Budget Depends on the event location
Location Virtual or on site

Geocaching - die moderne Schatzsuche

Idea 15: Geocaching – the modern treasure hunt

Geocaching means the participants the opportunity to pursue secrets and riddles in their city. Equipped with GPS devices, they set off in small groups. After each successfully solved task, the participants receive a new clue. The theme can vary, from criminal cases to historical city tours. There is no time for boredom.

Tip: Geocaching is suitable for companies with small and large groups. As an alternative to outdoor geocaching, the offer is also available in museums or a nuclear bunker.

Participants From 5 to max 150 persons
Budget Starting at 65€ per person
Location In many german cities

Im Team einen Film drehen

Idea 16: Shoot a film as a team

Do you want to motivate your employees in the company especially? Then the teambuilding idea film shooting is just right. Based on the jointly developed script, the scenes get filmed. It does not have to be a thriller or something similar. The employees determine the topic. It can also be a tutorial or a documentary about the city.

Important: Team spirit is the focus during the scriptwriting: How can a solution be found even if not every team member gets convinced of an idea.

Participants From 10 persons
Budget From 2000€ or starting at 70€ per person (depends on the event company)
Location On site

Turmbau als Teamchallenge

Idea 17: Tower building as teacm challenge

The theme of team building gets implemented in the tower building. The teams have the goal of building a tower that is as high and stable as possible, and in the end, there is a winning team. Under the guidance of a coach, the level of difficulty gets continuously increased in each new round. This type of activity strengthens communication and project management. For participants from the management level, decision-making power gets promoted.

Participants From 10 to max. 500 persons
Budget From 50€ per person
Location On site

Brückenbau als Teambuilding Maßnahme

Idea 18: Building a bridge as a teambuilding event

Do you want to improve the cohesion in the team and among the employees? Then building a bridge is just the right thing from our selected ideas. The bridge can only be built successfully if all colleagues communicate with each other. In small groups, the bridge sections get built from the materials provided. The groups are allowed to communicate with each other via walkie-talkie to make sure that all sections make a perfect bridge in the end.

Important: The task is not only a fun challenge, but it also strengthens the feeling of togetherness. The event can take place outdoors as well as indoors.

Participants From 10 persons
Budget From 70€ per person
Location On site


The Corona situation and the accompanying home office have not made it easy for employers and employees. As an employer, therefore, show your employees appreciation and recognition. It is important to celebrate successes together and build team spirit. For this, popular teambuilding events come in handy. These have a positive influence on the working atmosphere. The working atmosphere, as well as harmonious cooperation, are decisive for the company’s success. Even without a teambuilding measurement, it is helpful to just spend time together, have fun and play games. A visit to a trampoline park nearby your company is a good idea here.

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