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Modellpark Berlin

Traveling with children is not always easy – but it is especially exciting. While parents don’t want to miss out on discovering the world, city trips with little explorers present a particular challenge. A lot of asphalt and little (safe) space to romp around can push parental nerves to the limit.

And from luggage to all the things that always have to be within reach while traveling with children, to time management between attractions and naps, the proverbial feeding of predators along the way and, last but not least, the well-earned coffee for mom and dad – traveling with children requires practice, patience and the right tips.

To ensure that your visit to Berlin is a complete success, even with kids, in this article we will show you what you should definitely not miss in the multifaceted state capital with your children and how traveling as a family can go smoothly.

What makes traveling with children so special?

Children usually have no desire at all to be dragged along by their parents to a museum or to comb through the city map of a dazzling metropolis in search of unique sights. Instead, depending on the age of the children, a delicious ice cream, animals and oversized dinosaurs, interactive parks, green spaces or simply a new playground will inspire them. And that’s exactly what poses a challenge for mommy and daddy! How can the different interests be optimally combined so that both the little and the adult tourists get something out of the joint excursion?

How can we turn the stress, everyday groaning, eye-rolling and agonized dragging (on part of kids and parents!) on the way out of the chosen vacation accommodation and into the big city into family enthusiasm? We’ll show you how!

Tips for traveling and exploring Berlin with kids

Tupperware, a water bottle, sunscreen, a change of clothes and a stroller are simply part of the basic equipment for most tours with children. Especially those who have already been on the road with small children know what we are talking about. Instead of a fashionable handbag, it’s worth taking a practical backpack. And comfortable sneakers are also more suitable for traveling with kids than fashionable kicks or even heels. After all, in case of emergency, you’ll have to quickly get behind the nimble explorers or cover a few meters with a spider monkey on your arm.

Beyond that, preparation is (almost) everything! Therefore, already at home, inform yourself calmly about possible excursion destinations, the appropriate transport and restaurants (or the obligatory ice cream parlor) for in between.

Ideally, involve your children in the planning. Depending on the age of your kids, you can, for example, make a pre-selection with your partner and then decide together with the little ones what you would like to do in Berlin. This way there will be no frustration and your sprouts will know in advance what to expect.

It is also important to remember that the actual vacation begins with the journey. Regardless of whether you travel to Berlin by car, train, bus or plane, you should also plan this time somewhat. For example, keep coloring and picture books, plenty of snacks or the little ones’ favorite music at hand. Also plan enough time for travel and stopovers so that you arrive in Berlin as refreshed as possible. The main thing to remember from the moment you leave home is without: patience!

The best places to visit in Berlin with children

If you have decided to take a trip to Berlin, you will be faced with almost inexhaustible possibilities for every age and interest. To ensure that the whole family gets its money’s worth, we will show you some of the top excursion destinations in Berlin that not only your children but also you can enjoy to the fullest.

Modelpark Berlin Brandenburg

Topic Model Making, Berlin from above, Amusement Park
Ideal for Kids from 4 years
Indoor/Outdoor mainly outdoor
Stroller proven Yes
Restaurant No
Prices Adults 4,50 Euro

Kids up to 4 years free

Kids from 4 years 2,50 Euro

Address An der Wuhlheide 81, 12459 Berlin


Surrounded by parks and trees, you and your children have the chance to discover Berlin from a very special side with lots of fresh air at the Berlin Brandenburg Model Park.

In a beautiful 3.5 hectare landscape park, you and your kids can immerse yourself in the history of Berlin and Brandenburg. Highlights and sights are excellently illustrated with over 80 different models. From a bird’s eye view, you can experience and discover the multifaceted state capital and its impressive surroundings in a playful way, from the dreamlike Rheinsberg Castle to the fairytale-like Peacock Island and the Reichstag.

If you take our tips to heart and would like to prepare yourself accordingly before your arrival, you can download one or more detailed site plans from the official website of the model park. Then, you can also give your offspring a map and possibly make a first pre-selection of what you would like to see together. The Model Park Berlin offers in any case a great start for a trip to Berlin!

Zoo Berlin

Germanys biggest zoo is located in Berlin

Topic Animals, Nature, Playground, Mini Zoo
Ideal for Kids from 0 years
Indoor/Outdoor mainly outdoor
Stroller proven Yes
Restaurant Yes
Prices Adults 16,00 Euro Zoo

Adults 22,00 Euro Zoo + Aquarium

Kids from 4 to 15 years 8,00 Euro Zoo

Kids from 4 to 15 years 11,00 Euro Zoo + Aquarium

Address Hardenbergplatz 8, 10787 Berlin


What children’s eyes do not begin to light up when a trip to the zoo is under discussion? But adults should not miss this attraction during a visit to Berlin either. Why? The Berlin Zoo is not only the oldest and most visited zoo in Germany, but also the most species-rich zoo in the world!

While the zoo opened back in 1844, visitors have been able to enter the 33-hectare grounds through the giant Elephant Gate since 1899. And then the amazement and discovery begins. Because in the middle of the city, a magical world rises up as if from nowhere. Embark on this adventure and discover the approximately 20,000 different animals and more than 1,200 species that call Berlin Zoo home. From Germany’s only giant pandas to monkeys, meerkats and impressive elephants – you and your children will be thrilled.

And if you’re not afraid of the full program, get a combination ticket for the zoo and aquarium. Like this, you can dive into the incredible water worlds together with your kids at the end.

Wildpark-oder Streichelzoo besuchen

Europes biggest animal park

Topic Animals, Nature, Playground, Mini Zoo
Ideal for Kids from 0 years
Indoor/Outdoor mainly outdoor
Stroller proven Yes
Restaurant Yes
Prices Day tickets for adults 14,50 Euro

Day tickets for kids from 4 to 15 years 7,00 Euro

In combination with the Berlin Pass the entrance fee on weekdays is only 6,00 Euro

Address Am Tierpark 125, 10319 Berlin


Of course, the Tierpark Berlin must not be missing on the list of the most popular destinations with children. Just a stone’s throw from Alexanderplatz, Europe’s largest zoo offers 160 hectares of adventure! But is it worth visiting the zoo if you have already been to the Berlin Zoo? Definitely!

As the largest landscape animal garden in Europe, the zoo in the center of Berlin, was founded in 1954 and is not only home to over 9,000 exotic and native animals, but also boasts a magnificent park landscape. In addition to an exciting view of tigers, crocodiles or rainforest dwellers, adults in particular may enjoy the unique view of the historic Friedrichsfelde Palace here.

Whether alone, as a family with children or with your beloved four-legged friend – the visit to the Berlin Tiergarten is worthwhile. However, to cleverly avoid the long lines at the entrance, you should get your online ticket in time.


A must – the Berlin Wall / East Side Gallery

Topic History, Art
Ideal for Kids from 0 years
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor
Stroller proven Yes
Restaurant No
Prices Kids and adults free
Address Mühlenstraße 47-80, 10243 Berlin


The Berlin Wall is simply a must-see during a visit to the state capital – with or without children. However, this historical excursion is particularly exciting and colorful on both sides of the East Side Gallery.

Here, the narrowest gallery in the world with a width of just 54 centimeters entices visitors to stroll and discover. Since the fall of the Wall in 1989, artists from all over the world have given free rein to their creativity on the 3.50-meter-high and 1.3-kilometer-long section of the Wall with drawings, graffiti, slogans and much more. Over the years, the former dividing wall has become what is probably the longest open-air gallery in the world.

In particular, motifs such as the brotherly kiss by Dimitrji Vrubel or the world-famous Trabbi by Birgit Kinders attract thousands of visitors year after year. Thus, with the help of the East Side Gallery, which is now a listed building, you can bring your children closer to a piece of contemporary history in dazzling colors.

DDR Museum

History on point – DDR Museum

Topic History
Ideal for Kids from 0 years
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Stroller proven No
Restaurant No. Drinks, ice cream and sweets in the museum store.
Prices Adults 9,80 Euro

Kids up to 6 years free

Kids from 6 years 6,00 Euro

Attention: only online tickets available

Address Karl-Liebknecht-Str. 1, 10178 Berlin


History at your fingertips at the DDR Museum. Travel back in time with a visit at Karl-Liebknecht-Strasse N°1. Make yourself comfortable in a GDR living room or squeeze into the cult car from the East – the compact Trabbi.

In the GDR Museum, touching and rummaging are allowed! So let your children try things out to their heart’s content, pull open drawers, search through cupboards and get a feel for the time behind the Wall. And you, of course, are also allowed to rummage bluntly through other people’s laundry.

Experience first-hand what life must have been like on both sides of the Berlin Wall, immerse yourself in everyday life in the GDR and learn everything you need to know about the Stasi and the Wall. With all the possibilities this fantastic museum offers you, you won’t even notice how time flies by.

Deutsches Spionagemuseum

Marvel and discover in the German Spy Museum

Topic History, Adventure
Ideal for Kids from 8 years
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Stroller proven No
Restaurant No
Prices Adults 8,00 Euro

Kids up to 6 years free

Kids from 6 to 17 years 6,00 Euro

Address Leipziger Platz 9, 10117 Berlin


Exactly where the Berlin Wall stood until 1989, the German Spy Museum today invites you to marvel, discover and participate – secret (Morse) code, laser course and secret writings included. Together with your children, learn all the tricks and methods from the realm of espionage, get insights into spy techniques and secret operations and thus embark on a unique and, above all, interactive journey through time.

Be amazed by pistols hidden in lipsticks, mini cameras in pigeons, microphones in heels and other secret hiding places in the most bizarre places. In addition, let your children gain first-hand spy experience themselves by encrypting messages, trying out the technology of the world-famous Enigma, or checking the security of their own passwords. Don’t stay too long, though, or you’ll start to see an agent around every corner yourself.

Anoha -Kinderwelt des jüdischen Museums

ANOHA – children’s world of the Jewish Museum

Topic History
Ideal for Kids from 4 years
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Stroller proven Yes
Restaurant Yes (Restaurant Liebermann)
Prices Adults and children free

Ticket booking online only

Address Fromet-und-Moses-Mendelssohn-Platz 1, 10969 Berlin


Whew! Another museum? But what a museum! Even the official website is child-friendly and adults are only allowed to enter when accompanied by a little visitor!

In the ANOHA the story of Noah’s Ark is told. From the small raindrop to the great flood, the whole family is encouraged to learn and think through the ANOHA in a playful way. Meanwhile, you can push an enormous polar bear aboard the impressive wooden ark, make a small ark and test it on a special water course, and discover 150 different animal figures such as snakes, owls, and cockroaches, everything revolves around the question of how things could continue after the flood and how each and every one of us can make the world a little better.

With this dazzling hands-on exhibition, the Jewish Museum invites not only its young visitors to develop visions about the future on Earth. Adults, too, will be inspired to think.

Afterwards, you can visit the Jewish Museum itself right next door. Discover this fascinating culture and learn more about the life of Jews in Germany in an interactive and interesting way. Sensitive content, meanwhile, is taught in a child-friendly way in special workshops.

Waldhochseilgarten Jungfernheide

High ropes course Jungfernheide

Topic Nature, Playground, Movement
Ideal for Kids from 6 years
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor
Stroller proven Partly
Restaurant Yes
Prices Adults 24,00 Euro

Kids up to 14 years 18,00 Euro

small course 14,00 Euro

Admission ONLY with prior online reservation

Address Heckerdamm 260, 13627 Berlin


Of course, children need space to romp and we adults also enjoy some time in the fresh air without question. Fittingly, in Berlin-Charlottenburg – centrally located – the proverbial forest calls. Whether in the small or large course, here certainly no boredom arises – neither with you nor with your children.

Already from an age of only six years explorers may climb, rave and explore here. Thereby it goes from branch to branch and even high above the treetops. Discover Berlin’s greenest side and master this sporting challenge as a family. At the end, you can recharge your batteries in the summer garden with homemade specialties while your kids take a well-deserved nap or use the extensive green spaces to play.

If you want to find out in detail about this unique forest high ropes course, you should definitely take a look at the official website. Here, a virtual tour is offered for both the summer garden and the high ropes course.


Visit the beautiful area Lübars

Topic Nature, Lake, Animals
Ideal for Kids from 0 years
Indoor/Outdoor Outdoor
Stroller proven Yes
Restaurant Yes
Prices free of charge
Address Lübars


Berlin is much more than “just” the vibrant metropolis itself. The surrounding countryside is also worth a visit, especially with children. So why not get out of the city and into the green? Head to the north of Berlin and discover pure nature in Lübars – just 14 kilometers from downtown Berlin.

From extensive walks to delicious ice cream and crystal-clear lakes with fine sandy beaches, you’ll find (almost) everything your heart desires here, so that definitely all family members get their money’s worth.


Jump and have fun at a trampoline park

Topic Trampoline park, Movement
Ideal for Kids Age recommendation from 6 years
Indoor/Outdoor Indoor
Stroller proven No
Restaurant Yes
Prices 60 minutes Jump Time from 15,00 Euro


What would Berlin be without those unique locations that simply put the icing on the cake for every outing? Just such a place are without question the numerous trampoline parks in Berlin. Here, even adults can simply be a kid again on various trampolines, romp, bounce and have fun. Depending on the hall, those who still have breath and desire can combine ball sports such as basketball and co. with trampoline bouncing or try wild contortions on the so-called tumbling lanes or trampoline tracks.

Although most trampoline parks also have a comprehensive catering area, excuses are out of the question. So slip on the special trampoline socks with your kids and prove (to yourself and your kids) that you still have plenty of energy after all that sightseeing and exploring in Berlin.

Berlin is always an option

And it is no question that there’s a lot going on in Berlin. If you want to offer your children something special in addition to the excursion destinations mentioned above, you should not miss the offer of Stadt im Ohr. Whether it’s an exciting audio walk through Berlin-Mitte, a walk between workers’ palaces and backyards in Friedrichshain, a search for the most famous GDR buildings or a stroll through Wedding and Friedenau – the modern audio walks can simply be downloaded from the Stadt im Ohr website for 9.80 euros and then listened to via smartphone.

Some of the Berlin audio walks are also particularly worthwhile for children between the ages of 9 and 13. For just 6.80 euros, history is packed into stories and told in an understandable way. So instead of having to trot boredly along behind the adults, the kids experience their very own adventures.

So, how about a tour of Prenzlauer Berg, for example? Here, little Berlin visitors can explore the exciting area around Helmholtzplatz together with Socks, the smart cat, and the children from the Thomas Mann Elementary School.

Or get lost between worlds together with your children on the Oberbaum Bridge. Follow a mysterious shadow and meet the great dragon Dschali. On a total of 40 minutes of time travel, you can then literally look behind the scenes of the famous bridge. The tour starts on the Kreuzberg side of the bridge, directly at the Watergate Club! And who already would like to hear into the story can sniff on-line some seconds into the payable audio file.


Whether you’re just planning a day trip to Berlin with kids, looking for action for a long weekend in the state capital, or want to get a taste of Berlin’s multicultural city air for an entire week (or more), there’s plenty to do and discover!

However, a little planning can’t hurt with the flood of offers. Therefore, shimmy together with your kids along our tips and suggested excursion destinations in Berlin. Discover the most beautiful sides of the vibrant city and enjoy a few unforgettable days as stress- and nag-free as possible. If you also want to find out about other offers and events in the city, you’ll find plenty of up-to-date info on the Berlin family portal. So all that remains is to say: Have fun!

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