18 fantastic ideas ?? for indoor activities in times of Corona [For ? adults & ? children]


Ideas for indoor activities in times of Corona - Laser Tag

Autumn is approaching and with it the dirty weather. Nevertheless, people want to maintain the now familiar change from everyday life and are looking for weather-independent activities. An end to boredom, the eternal computer games, puzzles or series searches: In this article we present you indoor activities for every season outside your home!

Bad weather? No problem!

Indoor activities give you and your family and friends the opportunity to stay active, relax or just have fun even in the rain. The following tips should give you ideas for activities in any weather.

Indoor water activities

If you love water but want to avoid the rain, you will definitely find what you are looking for in this category. Water offers not only fun and games, but also wellness and recreation. Check with the respective providers in advance, which protective measures must be observed in the wake of the Corona Pandemic. Regulations vary from place to place – it’s best to call ahead or check the website for information on possible registration procedures and safety precautions.

Woman relaxing in the therma at the edge of the pool

Pure relaxation: the spa

Outside the weather is bad, it’s raining, windy and cold. How nice it would be to get back into the warmth for a bit. Escape the November weather, off to the thermal spa! Visitors enjoy a tropical flair here, adults can enjoy the wellness area and fun pools and slides offer special attractions for children. Whether toddler or pensioner – there is something for everyone in the spa.

Indoor diving diver

For more adventure: Indoor diving

You didn’t dare to go diving on your last vacation or you just didn’t have the time? Then there is now the possibility for you to make up for it at home. From the age of 12, children and teenagers can also explore the recreated underwater world. In addition to the shipwreck and plane wreck, the artificial reef can also be explored in two to three hours.

Indoor surfing: Women surfs indoors

For more action: indoor surfing

Surfing inside? Yes, of course! Osnabrück, Langenfeld and Munich already have an artificial indoor wave. The facility is already being planned in other German cities. This indoor activity is especially suitable for an outing with friends. Those who are sporty will have even more fun here! Age restrictions vary from facility to facility, but this pastime is more recommended for older children, teens and adults.

Lanes of an indoor swimming pool

The classic: The indoor swimming pool

Indoor swimming pools are great fun for individuals, small groups and families. Sports enthusiasts can swim their laps in large pools, children’s paddling pools entertain the youngest among us, and heated pools provide relaxation for parents. Those who would rather avoid the hustle and bustle and concentrate on sporty swimming can consider a visit to classic indoor pools with a simple sports pool.

Indoor activities for the head

Combining fun, learning and curiosity – that’s possible with the following bad weather activities! Again, it’s best to check with the providers beforehand for registration procedures and safety precautions. In most cases, it pays to plan ahead and make reservations. The good thing is that a possible rain on the scheduled day can not harm you!

Escape Room Castle

Teamwork and puzzle guessing: Escaperooms

A group of friends locked in a room. How do they get out again? They have to solve different puzzles in teamwork to get clues for the way out. The whole thing of course under time pressure, to let a real tension arise. The Escaperooms, also called Exit Games, have become a trend in Germany in the last years, meanwhile there are about 300 of them. An indoor adventure for any weather!

Empty cinema illuminated

To switch off: Cinema & drive-in

Popcorn, ice cream and a good movie – a perfect way to escape from the daily work routine and bad weather. In classic movie theaters, special attention is paid to safety measures. From the moment you find out about a film and its broadcast times on the Internet, you receive the relevant instructions from the provider. Nevertheless, the cinema still offers a program for the whole family, ranging from children’s films to comedies and thrillers!

The drive-in cinema offers a special alternative. In many places, large parking lots have been transformed so that families, couples and friends can enjoy well-known classics in their own cars, among many others. A possible rain can even add a special flair here without you getting wet!

Museum hall in Louvre in Paris

To learn: The Museum

Fancy a quick education? A museum has long ceased to be a simple display of inanimate objects with explanations and information next to them in small print. Many museums place a lot of emphasis on interaction and playful learning. Outside the rain rages, inside you can escape to different worlds. An educational indoor activity for young and old! Children as well as teenagers and adults can combine fun and learning in one place.

Couple visit in cafe

An experience for the senses: restaurants & cafés

Many restaurants and cafés in your area offer much more than the normal daily menu. Whether it’s a mystery dinner or dinner in the dark, it’s not just your sense of taste that’s being addressed! This indoor activity is especially suitable for adult couples or a small group of friends.

Indoor activities for the body

If you want to do sports and not depend on the weather, you will surely find what you are looking for in this section. Keep fit and defy the rain at the same time! The large halls offer plenty of space to work out. However, inquire in advance whether reservations or further protective measures are necessary in connection with the current Corona pandemic. You can usually get the information directly on the website of the respective provider.

Woman climbing in bouldering hall / climbing hall

Strength training: climbing walls and bouldering halls

Climbing mountains despite rain and bad weather, this is possible in a slimmed down form in many climbing & bouldering gyms. Especially smaller groups of people will not only maintain their fitness here, but also have a lot of fun! Strengthen your team spirit on the climbing wall or let off steam while bouldering, the levels offered range from beginner to expert. Some halls also offer trails or even courses for children. Here you can find an overview of all climbing and bouldering gyms in Germany, so that you can start soon in your area.

Woman jumps trampoline in trampoline park

Fun and fitness in one: the trampoline parks

Trampolining is not only insane fun, but also extremely beneficial for your health. While bouncing, you clear your head, your cardiovascular system works more and increases your fitness. In addition, your muscles and bones will be strengthened. For more tips, there are various courses on offer at the various trampoline halls. Whether Jumping Fitness, Freestyle courses or simply for the pastime: inquire on site or already in advance, you will surely find what you are looking for!

The trampoline halls are mostly designed for children from 6 years, teenagers and adults. A perfect location for a children’s birthday party! Because here the little ones can let off steam even when it rains.

Child skis indoors

To stop waiting for the season: ski halls for any weather.

There are now six indoor ski slopes in Germany. The longest indoor slope in the world is located in the hall in Bottrop. On artificial snow, ski and snowboard fans can showcase their skills and beginners can test their affinity for winter sports. An exciting destination for groups of friends and whole families!

Indoor activities with adrenaline

Sports activities are not enough for a real change from everyday life? You want more adrenaline? Here are a few destinations that might be interesting for you then. The following inspirations are rather for groups of adults, only partly a participation for children is already allowed. Ask the organizer in advance about the corresponding restrictions.

Ideas for indoor activities in times of Corona - Laser Tag

Excitement on the playing field: Paintball & Lasertag

Paintball can not only be played outside in the forest, but also protected from wind, weather and rain under a roof.

Those who are less keen on pain, but still enjoy strategic games, should have a lot of fun at Lasertag. Here, too, teams play against each other and try to defeat the opponents, but without shooting them with a paint cartridge.

Hamburg Dungeon Torture Cellar
HamburgDungeon torture cellar – https://www.thedungeons.com/hamburg/

Fright around every corner: The Dungeons

Fear and fun combined: in the Dungeon you will be sent on a scary journey through the darkest past of a city. Actors, rides and hysterical stories sweeten your stay and provide the right adrenaline rush. In Europe, the Dungeon series is available in Amsterdam, Berlin and Hamburg. You can find the safety precautions on the respective websites. According to their own information, access is not suitable for people with a nervous disorder or for children under 10 years. After that, parents can decide for themselves whether they think a visit is appropriate.

Skydiving - Indoor flying

For the feeling of freedom: Indoor flying

To fly yourself is surely the dream of many people. You can either control an aircraft in a flight simulator or even fly with your own body! If you have always wanted to sit in the cockpit of an airplane, you can find a suitable location through various providers of adventure gifts. For the weightless feeling in the wind tunnel you will also find different locations with different offers.

Indoor activities for fun and games

If you are looking for a relaxed and playful indoor activity with the whole family for rainy days, you will find it in this category. Although all inspirations here are suitable even for toddlers, teenagers and adults will also find their fun. You can find activities in the vicinity easily and quickly on the Internet. Here you will also be directly informed about current protection measures and possible registration possibilities.

Indoor playground ball pool

The play paradise: Indoor playgrounds

The little ones want to go to the playground, but outside the rain is raging? No problem! In many places, indoor playgrounds offer a safe and secure place to let off steam. Often, not only small and older children get their money’s worth, but also the accompanying adults. Here you can find an indoor playground near you.

Woman playing indoor mini golf

The crowd favorite: mini golf

Minigolf is a very popular leisure activity, both outdoors and protected from rain in halls. For some years now, many places have also been offering a variant with special features: black light minigolf. Here it is a matter of recognizing the various contours, indicated by intense colors, and mastering the courses in darkened rooms. By the way, the history of minigolf goes back to the early twentieth century.

Children ride Gocard in indoor hall

Driving fun under the roof: karting

Racing is not only a special highlight outside, but also in specially designed indoor halls. In addition to races for the youngest among us, there are also many offers for adults, plus you get a choice between different levels of difficulty. Are you looking for kart tracks near you? In the search engine you can apply various filters to find a suitable offer for you.

Bowling balls in a bowling center

The classic: bowling

At the end of the 19th century, bowling developed in the United States from the previously popular sport of bowling. It was not long before the first lanes were also built in Germany and became a highly sought-after recreational sport. Some bowling alleys have now reopened their doors after the lock down. It is best to inquire by phone or on the Internet at the lane in your area about the current protection measures and possible registrations.

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