Kids’ birthday party ️️?? 12 great activity ideas for 8 to 12-year-olds


Kindergeburtstag Ideen 8-12 Jährige Kinder / Jugendliche

Kids, just before puberty, want one thing above all on their birthday – to spend an exciting day with their best friends. A birthday away from home is therefore ideal for 8 to 12-year-olds. But where to go? We give you some inspiration with 12 excursion ideas for an unforgettable kids’ birthday!

Idea 1: Cinema

Do you remember the first time you went to the movies without your parents? A visit to the cinema is still a real highlight for 8- to 12-year-olds – and a great kids’ birthday idea for young & old. Of course, you shouldn’t leave the kids completely alone. Just sit in one of the back rows while the birthday child enjoys the movie together with his friends. Don’t forget popcorn and snacks!

Tip: Whatever excursion idea you decide on in the end – at this age, you should involve the birthday child in the planning. Ask your child about his or her wishes and then choose together!

Kinder fahren Gocard in Indoorhalle

Idea 2: Go-kart

Kids may not be old enough to drive a car yet – but they can still race around a go-kart track. Driving a go-kart is fun for most kids and guarantees adrenaline and lots of excitement. In addition, go-karting trains stamina and motor skills!

By the way: many go-kart tracks have a minimum age and height requirement for participants (usually at least eight years old and 130 centimeters tall). Check with the go-kart provider in your area to be on the safe side!

Kind klettert in Kletterhalle zum Geburtstag

Idea 3: Indoor climbing park

Indoor climbing parks are great locations for kids’ birthday parties. Previous experience is not necessary – the staff at the park will guide the kids and ensure essential safety. Many parks also offer separate areas for kids and beginners. Keep in mind, a kids’ birthday party at a climbing park is more suitable for athletic kids. After all, climbing requires a lot of muscle strength, coordination, and endurance.

Important: Activities like indoor climbing or go-carting are famous with most kids – but some parents worry about such kids’ birthday ideas. Therefore, discuss your excursion idea with the parents of the birthday guests beforehand. Only when you have their consent should you book the activity!

Ausflug ins Museum

Idea 4: Museum

A visit to the museum can be a good kids’ birthday idea (especially in winter), but it depends on the museum. There is now a child-friendly museum in almost every major German city – Berlin, for example, offers the Museum of Technology or the MACHmit! Museum. An alternative to the museum can be a kids’ birthday party at the zoo or aquarium.

Important: You should never book a museum “blindly”, visit the museum beforehand and see if it is suitable for a kids’ birthday party.

Ein echtes Highlight: Ausflug in den Freizeitpark

Idea 5: Amusement park

A trip to an amusement park guarantees a day of fun and action, lots of snacks, and big adventures. Of course, there will be plenty of great photo opportunities!

Important: For a kids’ birthday party at an amusement park, you’ll need assistance from additional adults. Alone, it can be hard to keep an eye on the kids – and the day quickly gets easily hectic.

Restaurantbesuch am Kindergeburtstag

Idea 6: Restaurant

Many restaurants have separate rooms for larger parties. If you are looking for kids’ birthday party ideas for 8-year-olds and older, you can book a restaurant location and celebrate the kid’s birthday there. And the best part? You don’t have to worry about food choosing this kind of party!

Interaktives Lasertag Spiel zum Geburtstag

Idea 7: Laser Tag

Laser tag is fun for both boys and girls. For your kids’ birthday party with 8- to 12-year-olds, you can book a laser tag arena so the kids can have a good time. Unlike paintball, it doesn’t hurt when you get hit. Laser tag offers friendly competition, physical activity and it is a fun challenge for all ages!

Kind (Mädchen) malt im Atelier

Idea 8: Artist studio

Are you looking for creative kids’ birthday ideas for 11-year-olds? If your birthday child has left the coloring books behind, a canvas provides the perfect opportunity to develop artistic skills. A birthday party in an artist studio is a wonderful activity for older kids. The kids will get a professional painting lesson and can take their work home!

Partial overview JUMP House Cologne
Teilübersicht der Trampolinhalle JUMP House Köln © JUMP House / Tom Menz

Idea 9: Trampoline park

8 to 12-year-olds want to have fun, challenge themselves and enjoy unforgettable moments together. That’s what a visit to an indoor trampoline park can offer. Jump Parks not only guarantee perfect entertainment – but parents also can relax because the staff will take care of the kids. Trained personnel of the trampoline parks look after the children so that everything runs smoothly and the kids have fun while jumping and there are no accidents. You can sit back – and the kids will be tired but happy at the end!
Unlike other sporty kids’ birthday party ideas, indoor trampolines are suitable for all kids. Regardless of body types! Anyone can bounce around and it’s fun for everyone!

By the way: an indoor trampoline park not only guarantees an unforgettable children’s birthday party. Jumping also offers numerous health benefits: It trains almost all body muscles, improves cardiovascular health, and strengthens joints and bones.

Kind spielt Minigolf zum Geburtstag

Idea 10: Mini-golf

A round of mini-golf goes down well with many kids. Most mini-golf courses also offer convenient all-inclusive packages for kids’ birthday parties (with food, drinks and more). If mini golf isn’t for your child and you’re looking for a similar birthday idea, bowling is worth considering.

Kindergeburtstag im Park feiern

Idea 11: Park

Not every kids’ birthday party away from home has to be fancy. If you’re looking for kids’ birthday party ideas for 10-year-olds, 9-year-olds, or 8-year-olds, you can take the kids to a park nearby. In the park, you can have either a picnic together or play different games. Of course, for an outdoor kids’ birthday party, the weather has to cooperate. Therefore, you should think about a backup plan.

Important: To ensure the kids’ birthday party goes well, organize additional adults to keep an eye on things!

Kinder spielen Karaoke und feiern

Idea 12: Karaoke

Many kids are music enthusiasts. They learn musical instruments, ask for iTunes gift cards, and constantly try to control the car radio from the back seat. A karaoke birthday can provide great fun and lots of laughter – and this is our final birthday idea in this article. Karaoke is especially suitable for 10-year-olds and older children.


There are many ways to have a great kids’ birthday party away from home. At, we know that you’re guaranteed not to go wrong with an indoor trampoline park and that you’ll wow the kids. Why not ask your soon-to-be birthday boy or girl what they think of a birthday in an indoor trampoline park? Most kids are thrilled with the idea!

Tip: If you want to book a trampoline park, you can find a trampoline park nearby your location on this website here. In most cases, you only have to pay 50% of the total price and pay the rest on site.

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