School trip ideas ?: The 10 best suggestions for the next school trip


Wandertag Ideen: Schulklasse in Museum

School trips are a highlight for students. The excursions will give memorable moments but also teach social skills and togetherness. Where should your school class go for a trip? Whether your students recently started school or you have older students in the class, in the following, we present the ten most popular school trip ideas in descending order – to make your next hiking day a complete success.

Make sure to read until the end: Your students will literally “fly” for the last tip.

Rank 10: Museum visit

A museum day is one of the most popular school trip ideas. Whether it’s German history, dinosaurs, or modern technology, there’s a good range of possible topics to choose from – and you’re sure to find a museum near you that’s perfect for your next class outing.

Tip: Art museums are a perfect way to introduce children to art and history – with both topics young people tend to have trouble identifying. Seeing historical events depicted in paintings and pictures can give kids a deeper understanding of history.

Wandern in der sächsischen Schweiz mit der Schulklasse

Rank 9: The classic – a hiking trip

On a school trip, you can go hiking with your students, of course. That was the original idea in Germany when the school “hiking day” was invented about 100 years ago. The idea was to get city kids out in nature! Today, a classic hiking trip is still a popular field trip idea. After all, fresh air and nature are always good for you – and it’s a welcome opportunity to strengthen the sense of community in the class.

Wandertag auf dem Fahrrad mit den Kindern

Rank 8: A bicycle tour

Similar to the hiking trip, but probably a bit more fun for the kids: a bicycle ride. You and your students can enjoy the fresh air, explore new areas – and end the day with a delicious pizza or ice cream afterward. Or you can have a picnic together with the students in the park at the end. You can also combine this with various group games – especially younger children will have fun.

Tip: For all outdoor school trip ideas, you should plan for an alternative. It can always happen that the weather changes, and you can’t follow the original plan.

Theaterbesuch als Schulausflug

Rank 7: Visit the theater

A visit to the theater is a fabulous idea for the next school trip – and it is suitable for younger audiences, thanks to children’s theater. A visit to the theater stimulates the thinking and imagination of the kids – and it can lead to a valuable exchange about the play they experienced afterward.

Tip: It’s best to plan the school trip several months in advance. The earlier you plan, the more ideas you can gather – and the less stress you’ll have in the end!

Mini Golf für Kinder als Klassenausflug

Rank 6: Mini Golf & Bowling

Mini golf or bowling are two field trip ideas that are almost always popular. Students get exercise, have fun, and can compete against each other. The only disadvantage? There’s no real team spirit in such a game. Be sure to plan and book both mini-golf and bowling in advance!

Städteausflug nach Berlin zum Wandertag

Rank 5: City trip

Why not take your class to a historical city nearby? A city excursion is a fantastic idea because of low costs and you can easily combine the trip with other activities. For example, with a visit to a museum/ theater or group games on a large lawn. Some cities also offer interactive city tours that take some of the planning out of your hands.

Tip: Keeping an entire school class under control on a walking tour in a city can be difficult. So be sure to arrange a meeting place in case students split into small groups and lose track of each other. Of course, students should also have their teacher’s number on their cell phones!

Mädchen im Kletterpark

Rank 4: Outdoor climbing park

A trip to an outdoor climbing park as your next school outing is worth considering. Climbing is fun – and it is a good exercise for the arm, back, and even more muscles. Children also improve their sense of movement, strengthen their concentration, and learn to deal with fear and thrills. However, if some students suffer from a severe fear of heights, you should think twice about a trip to the climbing park!

Important: Make sure that adventure trips like rock climbing fit within your budget. A climbing park is one of the most expensive school outing ideas!

Ausflug Planetarium Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Rank 3: Planetarium

Many children are interested in outer space. A school trip into space is not yet possible – but planetariums bring us a little closer to the cosmos. Stepping into the planetarium and staring at different planets and constellations – it’s an exciting experience for kids (and teachers!). A school outing day to the planetarium is suitable for students of all ages.

Escrape Room Puzzle für Wandertag

Rank 2: Escape Room

Escape Rooms are available in almost every major city. An Escape Room is a game where the kids are in an enclosed setting. They have to solve various puzzles or riddles together within a prescribed time. Only if all tasks are solved, the students can leave the room as winners. This game requires skill, imagination, and logical thinking. Escape rooms come in different “themes” and difficulty levels.

By the way: This idea for the school outing strengthens the sense of community and teamwork. Loners have little chance in an Escape Room!

Partial overview JUMP House Cologne
Teilübersicht der Trampolinhalle JUMP House Köln © JUMP House / Tom Menz

Rank 1: Trampoline park

The first place for school trip ideas goes to trampoline parks. Such indoor amusement parks (also known as “JUMP Houses”) can be as big as a soccer field and offer fun for all ages. What makes a school outing to an indoor trampoline park so special? A trip to an indoor trampoline park offers the following benefits:

  • Trampoline parks are indoor gyms. So the outing can take place regardless of the weather and at any time of year.
  • Whether it’s heart health, endurance, joint and bone health, or strengthening the back and leg muscles: trampoline jumping has numerous positive effects on the body and mindAbove all, jumping trains coordination and balance.
    You can read more about trampolining, health, and fitness here.
  • A trip to an indoor trampoline park is always popular. Students’ anticipation builds up and the trip will be the highlight of the school year. You’ll have no trouble convincing the class to visit an indoor trampoline park!

Especially practical: many trampoline parks offer an all-inclusive service for school classes. Less stress for you as a teacher, the children get professionally supervised – and you don’t have to worry about safety.


Whether it’s a museum trip, planetarium visit, or bike tour, there are plenty of school trip ideas and one that is particularly suitable for most school classes: Indoor trampoline parks. If you’re looking for a trampoline park nearby, you’ll find all the necessary information here.

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